I hate Winter.

It's gross. And I am not able to go out and hike and walk miles upon miles with Jett because I am scared he will get frost bite. I am going to invent a heated stroller for kids.

The church here has an indoor track but I dont know if they would appreciate me taking Jett. I really need to just do it at the mall but when you have add theres just too much to distract you lol.

I want Spring. Not summer...just spring


I may have a problem..

In the last few weeks I have been shopping maybe a little too much. I am such an impulse buyer when it comes to a "deal". Ha
It all started with buying some Buckeyes from a friends candy business...Im planning on forwarding them on to C I hope before I eat them all. They are just the best thing everrrr

Then it went to old navy. I am embarrassed to even express the amount of money I spent on this site. SO we wont mention it.

The to walmart.. with their site to shipping it makes shopping at walmart fun again! I bought all of Jetts birthday/Christmas presents. I spent about 200 on him for both occasions so not toooooo bad I guess? Then I bought myself a new ipod, gps system and all the bells and whistles. Hey I am moving to a new place so I DO need that pink Garmin!

Then on to Finish Line. Even though I bought a new pair of Nike Shox about 2 months ago I figured I needed another pair that was mostly white (mine are chocolate brown and blue) and I got Jett a pair of Shox since the Jordans they had are the ones he already has.

Now on to ebay. I bought a cell charger for the car, a vent mount for the gps, a new case for my phone, and some decor for Jetts room.

I am done! I wont have the computer or even a tv for a few weeks when I move and maybe that is a good thing!


I stole this

But I still wanna share!
Thanksgiving Rules
1. Fill up on turkey breast
2. Drink lots of water
3. Taste everything, but only eat half a serving of high-calorie side dishes and desserts
4. Do not have seconds of anything (except turkey breast)
5. Do not add butter to mashed potatoes or rolls
6. Have only a spoonful of gravy on my mashed potatoes and stuffing
7. Eat very slowly and savor each bite
8. Fit at least 20 minutes of exercise into the day
9. Eat an apple and drink a large glass of water right before getting in the car and heading to our holiday destination
10. Take a nap... hehe


We all make choices

Some are good, some are stupid, some are just right horrible. I have been struggling like crazy to hang onto the moving train that is weight loss. Ive been bumping and bumping along, sometimes only holding on with one finger. Ive pretty much stayed on track, not a good track but one none the less. Ive not been doing too well, I have been trying to figure out why in my mind, and the only thing I can think of is stress. But I cant blame it on anything but me, we chose what we eat and how much we move so really who can I blame? Me!
I need to get back on my plan, my gallbladder (which I never removed) seems as if its healed itself and I have been testing the waters. There is no bigger consequence than eating french fries and a cheeseburger than that intense pain that comes from your right side. It was like my big brother in a sense, it kept me in check. Now Im on my own.
So here goes again...least this time I can realise when changes NEED to be made. I wont find myself at 300lbs again thats for sure. But my jeans are getting a bit snug, and I cant remember the last time I worked up a sweat.
Starting small... since I know from experience big changes at the beginning never last. NO eating out after Gymboree classes, we go out to lunch with the kids, in the mall none the less where you cant get anything healthy. I think instead Ill just mall walk with Jett. AND no more mountain dew.. I can get thru class without it!
Wish me luck!


I'm home!

The drive sure was interesting. When you are driving through the sticks one must always be aware of deer. They were everywhere.
Here is what my drive looked like.. with no traffic!
And I hate photobuckets new editing crap... to resize an image it takes way too long.
Anyways I am IN LOVE with Hopkinsville!! I love old small towns! I can not wait until Jett is older and I can put him in the stroller and walk around downtown. I got lost leaving and ended up WAYYY out there and saw this old abandoned school I think? I so want to go take some pictures of it.. its something off Ghost Hunters it seems!
Isnt this neat? Its from the 1920's... everything is so OLD downtown!
This is what the streets are lined with.. the old buildings. I love it.. did I mention that?
I might seem out in the sticks, well I am..but everything I need is like 15 mins away so I am going to enjoy the time away from the city living.



I hate a family member at the moment. It's okay to dislike the hell out of them regardless if you share half of their DNA. Least I am nothing like him.

Tomorrow I am taking Jett down to Hopkinsville with me. I am NOT looking forward to this at all. I already have terrible anxiety about the interstate.. now it is going to be even worse with my baby behind me. I just hope the 4 hours he sleeps and then lets me get all my errands done tomorrow.. yah right wishfull thinking I know.

I still hope my mom comes thru but due to the above person I dont know if its going to be worth the argument. All I know is when we are 5 hours away I never want him bitching about how he misses Jett blah blah.


What am I going to miss..

I am going to miss so many things when I move
Mostly my mom, I have taken for granted a sitter whenever I need one! My mom stopped working the day I gave birth to help me care for a baby since I had classes that day! I wish I could take her with me!!

Gymboree Classes... I think I will miss them more than Jett! I can do a drop in class every once in awhile down in Nashville but its not going to be a regular thing.

Storytime.. there are a ton of freaking story times around here! Now I will be left with only one option 1030 on Mondays.

Co-Sleeping...there is nothing more that I love than to sleep next to the little life I created. Some dont understand co sleeping, and I dont understand not co sleeping. But with C being back its got to come to an end. Ah least I got him for a year!

My friends, I am never alone, I always have someone to go somewhere with, and now I am back to meeting new friends. Thats always the hard part isnt it?

No house bills.. ahh it was nice!

Living in a huge city...even though I hate Cincinnati I love having everything I need right there.

BUT change is good. I am looking forward to it. I still cant believe all the army wives I knew in Hawaii not one has made it to Ft. Campbell.. Ill be waiting!!


So if you have not used it in a year you are suppossed to be pitch it right? But what if I just have not had the chance to use it? Does that count?


A cold Saturday..

It is the first cold cold COLD day of the year. I guess it is a good thing I finally invested in some real shoes. When I left Hawaii I was stuck on wearing just flip flops and that has carried over to the mainland.

I went to Target today to get some things for the new house, oh how I love shopping! I tried to find the shower curtain I bought so I could post a picture but there are like 75 pages of shower curtains on their website so I guess I'll just take a picture once it is up. It is so hard to decorate without spending a ton. I want a simple yet cute decor in the house. Ive always went over the top but now with a baby I want to keep it simple!

We have a sage colored couch/chase/lounger, I'm thinking red panel curtains and then maybe 2 throw pillows in either red or gold. I dont want to use our coffee table, I just want open space! I want a dark wood bench type seating in the kitchen, navy blue in the kitchen, our bathroom is orange stuff ( I am re using my stuff from Tenn), our bedroom I want blue and brown since I am obsessed with those colors. For Jett's room I am just going to buy one of those $100 room in a box from Walmart in Elmo. I like bright colors. The girls room is going to bunk beds and hannah montana comforters and maybe brown/pink curtains. I am going to put a very simple yet stylish computer desk and white computer chair for me in their room since they wont be there. I want a room where no one has any reason to be in there (Jett). The other bedroom is going to be the catch all.. the room where I dont want to go because the hodge podge will drive me nuts. Chris wants to get a treadmill and then put the desk tops in there.

I also want something nice outside. We have no front porch really but there is a little something outside the french doors, so if your sitting in the dining room i dont want to look out and see plastic lawn furniture. I am not sure what I want for the backyard yet. I want some birdhouses, a swing set and things for Jett to do. Too bad he isnt old enough for a trampoline that sounds fun! Ive been checking on craigslist for some cheap outdoor toys for J but no luck so far.

So I will be heading down to the house this week HOPEFULLY if I get the POA in time. Since I wont have any way to move anything in I will spend a few days learning Hopkinsville as well as childproofing the hell out of that house. People with no children will feel crazy in my house, the way I use to feel in childproofed houses!

I know one thing, I am back to country living.. Im not sure if I am ready for that yet!


I'm a happy camper!

My interview went well in September and I was selected in the top 10 for CRNA school at UC. Once in a lifetime oppurtunity that I am passing by due to moving. Oh well, I am trying to think positive... I'll have my family together and thats the most important.

I scored a 100% on my Stats midterm.. I have no idea how! But it made my day
I lost another 10 lbs.. if you count it as that since its just the weight I had gained! Oh well least it's gone now right?

Jett is now an early bird, 7 am comes way to soon =(


Its way late

It's amazing how awesome a phone call from Overseas can make you feel=) I am so lucky.

I went shopping again EEK... Im spending roughly 300 a month on new clothes for Jett and I. And my OPI budget has went way over. And about a 100 a month at Sephora. I think I have a problem but I always look cute so it balances out. I needed new Winter clothes since this is the thinnest I have maybe ever been and had nothing to wear.

We are doing round two @ the Picture People tomorrow, last week was a nightmare so I hope Jett cooperates for once. Then on the Gymboree Play and Learn and then story time at the library... I love being a mom!!


Ok I have a new goal... I was at Macys today and I fell in love with an Ed Hardy hoody at the ripe ole price of 198.00.

SOoooooOOOoo Im going to lose 20 more lbs.. at the 100 mark I am buying that sucker. WHY? Bc I will so deserve it. =)


50 dollars later...

Here is my new hair.

I love it. I got a cut and highlight by one of my best friends so she of course hooked me up since I have super duper long hair now. I tell everyone I am going to cut it before clinicals and they all beg me not too, specially Mary!

Not sure if I lost this week or not, Im SO over the scale. Seriously Im tired of thinking Im a failure if I gain 1 pound. I am also thinking that my body will not let anymore weight off, Ive been at the same weight it seems forever!!! Oh well I feel amazing and my confidence is through the ROOF! I even sang karaoke last week ALONE something I would never ever ever everrrr do in my "previous" life. I even had two guys ask for my number, I didnt give it out bc Im taken but its nice to be wanted by strangers.


I have the death

After dealing with Jett's sickness last week now its my turn. I have the death and I feel horrible. No wonder little guy cried and cried, I would too, that is if I had someone to baby me.

I miss my boyfriend so much right now =(. Anyone who knows him knows he is the emotional and loving one and I so need that RIGHT NOW. Thank God just four more months!!!!


The Cups Won man..

So down 4 pounds FINALLY! And what did I do? Bought a 20 oz Mountain Dew, a bag of Reese Cups for my grandma and some chicken tenders from BK. I admit the Reese Cups won against my will power. Tomorrow will be better, we all must have off days. Hey I did turn down the Great American Cookie company sample so score at least ONE for me

Gymboree was a lot of fun today, Jett did some "furniture walking" today ... where is my little man with colic always screaming?? Now he is just a little guy.... I love him so much. Tomorrow is his "birthday"...he will be 8 months old =) The best thing about Gymbo besides socializing him is his awesome nap times. We took a 2 hour nap today and he would of continued to sleep but I had to wake him up to go to Target. I actually let myself run out of baby formula. That has never happened before!! I bought the Target brand, I figure I have not tried switching formula since he was 4 months old, now that he eats everything I hope it wont have any negative effects. I guess we will see.

Now on to watch some Americas Most wanted and fight the urge for any more chocolate!


It's not so hard!

I have just about mastered belly dancing, of course I still suck at it but I do think I am about as good as I am going to be! I havent lost any weight, I am trying to figure out a way to get off this plateau! I wish I could cut out carbs or something but man I love that stuff! I have tried to cut down on them but always end up going over. Carbs add up fast! I love them though, love/hate relationship I guess! I AM NOT letting my body win this time though....I have lost 80 pounds.. a NEWBORN cow weighs that much and those things are huge. Ive lost a calf...that makes things interesting.

Jett is loving Gymboree, Ive started taking him four times a week. I'm meeting new people too which is always a good thing! I hope that when we move back to TN they have one in the area since I only know a few people there. I dont even want to think about leaving my family and friends right now so on to the next thing..

Jett got his new carseat..thanks Daddy! It took a mini miracle for me to figure out how to adjust the I just need to put it in the car. He is getting so big. My baby is crawling, pulling up on everything in sight and babbling all the time. I just bought him so many new clothes in 18 months and he fits in them!! He is not chubby but TALL !


Lazy becomes me

Yesterday in Lab we had to look over some spinal cord cells, and draw them. If I could only scan my drawing.. I am artistically disadvantaged for serious. I noticed there is another Natasha in my class as well, I am not sure which one she is though. One bad thing about having friends in your class is that you are less likely to get to know others!

Tomorrow is the end of my week so I plan to go to the gym then. Today I caught up on everything I let go during the week. And I have a NINE page essay I need to work on. Blah to that.

Yesterday was a great day=) We did the Gymboree music class and Jett loved it so its now going to be a weekly thing! I also got my stuff I ordered from Sephora. I am OBSESSED with painting my nails so I bought their new Sephora by OPI nail polish in Soy Latte and this awesome dark plum.. I wanted Metro Chic but it was sold out. I also got some misc things like green eyeshadow and some more body wash to add to my collection.
Monday I should be getting the things I ordered for Jett from Gymboree and Crazy 8. I cant wait!


4 points and the Great American Cookie Company...

"You must do the thing you think you cannot do." Eleanor Roosevelt

My workout today was Belly Dancing!! I figured since I had a belly to shake why not? I have the same abs as everyone else they are just in hiding. Wow I never thought Belly Dancing would be such a workout!! There are 4 points to follow and it seems so simple...but yet I look like a robot out there. I have no grace. Oh well I will eventually. I know my back will be hurting tomorrow....I used the hell out of those muscles today.

Then I worked up another sweat at Jetts' gymboree class. WOW I guess thats why they call it a Parent/Child class!!!! Then add another 3 hours of walking around the mall...and I only spent 6 bucks...that is a FIRST! Im starting to just not enter Baby Gap!

I met up with my friend who was in from NYC, we have been friends for 22 years. INSANE! I met her in 1986. I like her boyfriend...she deserves someone good.

And my boo boo today was a delish frosted chocolate chip cookie... I would hate to know the cals in that sucker but oh well it was yummo!

Tomorrow classes start back so I might take the day off from exercise...not sure yet! My goal was to exercise 3x a week.. I wanted to set a realistic goal so anything extra is a bonus. I forgot to go to Walmart tomorrow so maybe shopping can count as exercise?


Gym Time

I think I am going to focus more on WL with this blog so it may get a little boring.

I went to workout today. I was lost during cardio class, I mean LOST. But you know what I just jogged in place until I could get in the groove and last 30 minutes! I was happy. I think once I know more of what is going on I'll work up more of a sweat. After Cardio I did 15 minutes of is one of the hardest things to do I think and I know I will feel like I was in a car accident when I wake up.

I did not eat all that great today. BUUUT I was under 300 cals for the day so at least I did not overeat. I plan tomorrow to go and get all the goods needed - pita, hummus, fat free cool whip, apples so on and so on to keep me from stopping for those happy meals. I hope to lose 20lbs by the time DB gets I have four months. Since I have been losing so much slower lately I wanted to set a small goal.

After I go to the gym tomorrow Jett will be going to his Gymboree class!! I am also conteplating putting him in the 9am music class they have on Thursdays, I am trying to remind myself YES it inconviences my sleep time but he will LOVE it! Gymboree is 60 a month so I need to get my moneys worth. At our place they allow you to go to any of the classes in the age range of your child that you want so that is nice. Im not sure maybe all of them do this?


First Day..

I am one of the strange ones who always look forward to first days. I love not knowing anyone, and hoping that no one knows anyone either, and just being in a different environment.

Im not looking forward to this class, but it must be done. I am really going to bust my arse for a B but I am not good at dosage calculations and stats so I am thinking that regardless of my grade at the time once the tutoring fliers come out I am signing up. I hate numbers seriously.

Jett was alseep when I got home from class, I was sad that I could not put him in his PJ's and read to him. He is sleeping right next to me, I just dont want him in his crib! I always snatch him out of there, I dont see how people can sleep on different floors than their kids... I just can't do it. But I am also the parent who is already worrying about him driving and he is not even 7 months old yet.

Im tired and my mind is hazy from class


Guitars, Cadillacs and Hillbilly Music

So my weekend, about that..could not have been better if I TRIED!

Friday Kenna gets to my house around 3, we stop and get beer, ice and chips - the must needs for a roadtrip. We get on the interstate and hit traffic near the Kentucky Speedway, turns out some idiot locked his keys in his truck on the highway.. not sure how that happens or why he was stopped in the first place? Speaking of truckers...they scare me....and I wish I had a CB b/c they were all staring at us and beeping for some odd reason?

We picked Valerie up (and I saw Britney) from the Mall and headed to Jennifers' house to get the party started! We called a cab since we all started drinking beforehand, when we got in the cab Kenna asked if he could turn off his meter with the promise of being tipped well and he did! He also came and picked us up, took us to Whitecastles and then back to Jens. But back to Friday night, we barhopped allll night long. We went to Tootsies, Roberts, Cadillac Ranch, Mulligans ect ect. I am a covercharge SNOB so if there was no cover charge I was in there harming my liver=)
Saturday was I do believe the best night out in years! My friend from Christina won a party with Vanilla Ice at McFaddens. That came out to not having to pay the $10 cover and $2 dollar drinks allll night. Remember I am a coversnob so unless Kenny Chesney was in the bar I won't pay so that worked out awesome for us. ANYWAYS no one really seemed interested in the Iceman ( I think he is HOT) so we were right up there letting him pour *free* Jager and Hypnotique down our throats. Seriously I hate Jager but if GO NINJA GO NINJA GO man is filling me up with it why not? How many people can say he contributed to my demise on Saturday night? I also met and followed around Ben Spiez..some motorcrosser. Apparently he is famous? I dont know anything about motor racing but he was very sweet. His girlfriend is a Tennessee Titan Cheerleader and a snob but that is neither here nor there. My mind is hazy right now but after we left the Ice party we went to Cadillac Ranch, security was called on us but we made it out before they could get us . Word. I made it outside and thats when the river started flowing...I was puking like a champ right there on broadway in front of thousands. Ive never puked anywhere besides Waikiki... memories! I made it home and laid in the driveway throwing up until 5 am. McKenna and Val never left my side..God love em!
Here are a few pics. I added a bunch more to Myspace.
........................Before heading out..............................

.............AND you think that is a COKE!................
in the cab

Here is the motorcrosser guy...I took the picture if you couldnt tell
Me and Kenna
Elvis...missing fingers too
NEED TO BE HERE (should of left earlier!!)
So there is this dude that walks around Nashville dressed up like Abe Lincoln. He does not talk, just walks around in and out of bars. Here I am with him in 2006
And here in 2008 (AND 80 LBS LESS )
Check out Myspace for the Vanilla Ice pictures since I am tagged in them and havent uploaded them yet!


Back Where I come from...

Well not EXACTLY but I am taking a much needed girls' weekend to Nashville tomorrow. Am I excited? Oh heck yes! I will miss Jett, I keep reminding him that first tooth better not pop through while I am gone. My mama is staying at my house to watch him and the dogs..she rocks.

So this weekend I will be away. Valerie is flying in from Texas, Britney (Sheilas daughter from the OG HMW) is picking her up, and Victoria and Nina are going to be @ Rachels' house... it's almost as if 2003 replanted itself in TN for this weekend. I will see four people I have not seen in years. Not too mention my awesome friend Christina and Jennifer the gal I am staying with. My best friend is going with me, McKenna, she pretty much rocks. Expect a bunch of pictures! And I might be on the hunt for a new liver. Kinda like the surgery I am watching right now on Hopkins...oh reminds me I really need my gallbladder out!

Next week Fall classes start....I have class every day. Every single loving day. But after this semester I will have my family back together in time for Jetts' FIRST birthday. I miss him so much.

New Home

I did a google search for my old screenname and found my old blog from Hawaii. Dude talk about forgotten memories. I won't post it here since I talked a lot of shit about people (I was young gimme a break) but it was neat to reflect on so I thought Id make another blog to update outside of here I am!

Let's do a quick update - my name is still Natasha, I moved from Hawaii got a much needed divorce, met C and we have the cutest son (Jett) who is almost 7 months old. He is what I like to call my eye opener. He opened my eyes to the little things in life. He is so Zen, that should of been his name. He is just laid back and loves anything. All the money I spend on toys and he perfers his bottle caps..go figure.

I was on the track to becoming a dentist but with moving around and waitlists I am currently back in the Nursing Field. Ultimate goal = CRNA. If you don't know what it it. I graduate next December. Then I plan to start over again maybe as an education major...all I know is I never want to be out of school. I owe to much to that bitch Sallie Mae.